Mary L. Ingalls

Tybee Island, GA 31328

(912) 655-9812

 Agreement between Mary Ingalls (artisan) and ___________________________________ (customer)

                Phone ________________   email_________________________



The artisan will construct custom stained glass mosaic window panel(s) as defined in Attachment A.


The customer will pay the artisan $                         plus applicable tax for the panel(s).


_              The Customer will pick up the panel at the artists studio

_              The artisan will arrange delivery of the panel to the customer ‘s site at:_____________________________

Cost to customer for delivery is _____________.


The design is built using a glass-on-glass mosaic process involving layers and combinations of glass adhered to the background. The artisan uses bits and pieces of glass, ceramics, stone and metals and wire, no plastics or synthetics. The design is glued with a commercial adhesive/sealer that is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 25 years.

Artisan will expend best efforts to provide your desired colors. Colors used to describe the design are approximate due to the availability of materials and characteristics of glass.

Actual contents may include: recycled glass, hand cut sheet glass, Beveled, cast and fused glass, beads, recycled dishware, found glass elements, commercial glass ornaments, glass meltdowns.


_              Wooden Window: old wooden sashes, removed from old homes and barns, bathed, brushed and reinforced when needed.

­_              Free Hanging Frame: A simple 2 inch wooden frame with a single coat of primer.

_              Window insert: The panel will be delivered with a narrow metal frame, no wooden frame is included.

_              Frameless: Glass shelving

The outer dimension of the work will be approximately 1/4th inch less than the measurements of the opening which is __________



Installation is to be the responsibility of the customer. For installations in or around doors or entry ways, it is recommended that the panel be sandwiched between sheets of safety glass.



The customer acknowledges that, in the event of breakage, the artisan’s liability is restricted to the cost of repair of said panel if the breakage is the result of defects in manufacture or material.   Any additional damages to property or people resulting from any breakage is not the responsibility of the artisan.



The customer may view the panel when the glass is cut and roughly laid out, but before it is finished. The artisan will notify the customer and will allow three days for the customer to approve the work. Electronic communications can be used. Should changes be required, additional cost may be incurred.


Estimated Delivery date _________________________           Agreed,     on date: _________________________


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Mary Ingalls                                                                                                      Customer