Care and Feeding of Recycled Glass Art  

On the Pantry window sill resized.jpg

Glass mosaics are easy to care for.  In temperate climates, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with some reservation on the frame.  Each frame is different, but the glasswork needs only a dusting/vacuuming from time to time.  Gentle brushing with warm soapy (Dawn) water, then a rinse with the hose works just fine too.

Hang from two points if possible.  If the window will be in the wind, ensure that the bottom does not swing. If pieces fall off, you can replace them using clear siliconized acrylic adhesive.  The surfaces must be clean and dry and HORIZONTAL.  Let set up overnight.   If they are major bits, I will be happy to help you.

Feed liberally with sunlight, artificial light will do. No additional care is required, tho an occasional ooooooohhh or aaaahhhhhh is much appreciated.