Recycled, mis-used glass and metal assemblages
Hand Made and One of a Kind

Custom Projects Accepted
Savannah, Georgia

Mary Co-Chaired the Tybee Turtle Tour

Tiffany Turtle

"Turtles may be slow in nature, but they were quick to raise $15,000 on Sunday.

That's the approximate take from the live and silent auctions attached to the Tybee Turtle Tour, which began in 2005 and ended Sunday, November the 4th 2007.

The purpose of the Tybee Turtle Tour was twofold - to bring attention to public art and to raise awareness of endangered turtles.

"We wanted to find a way to help people appreciate public art while, at the same time, helping a great cause," said Rebecca Rice, co-chair of the Tybee Turtle Tour.

Co-chair Mary Ingalls created Tiffany Turtle, the illuminated-from-within creation that sold for $3,500 during the live auction.

While the main goal of the tour was to bring awareness to the plight of the loggerhead and other species of turtles that call Tybee home, to the artist creating the fiberglass sculptures it was about exposing art."

source : Savannah Morning News

About My Work

Yup, your suspicions are correct, my glass on glass mosaics are GLUED together, some times many levels of glue and overnight cure times.   But the real work comes before.  Finding, collecting and forming the materials to make it happen.

I make up-cycled glass assemblages, composed of mismatched, mishandled and misplaced glass, metal bits and a few other natural elements.  Using redefined glass bottles and dishes, beads and gems, many kiln fired, slumped, or fused, I form new glass images on old glass windows (and other things).

A transparent adhesive supports the mosaics.  I can include so many styles, shapes and colors of glass, add painterly detail with just a swath of beads.   Hide tiny silly little critters in the strangest places.  An old dish gains a new shape and is adorned with a tree.

My work is bent, folded, spindled and mutilated.  Upcycled to new and enjoyable use, yet still vaguely familiar.  And I have fun. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them.